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About Parental conflict:

Most relationships have their ups and downs, and disagreements and arguments are normal. But arguments between parents can be harmful. Learning to argue in ways that are helpful rather than harmful is vital for maintaining healthy relationships, whether parents are together or not.

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Be part of the change for a positive outcome for your child...

The digital resources provided by OnePlusOne are designed to help parents reflect on conflict in their relationship with current or ex-partners, as well as the impact on their children. The resources use videos and animations that incorporate evidence-based techniques to promote behaviour change and help parents to argue in ways that are helpful rather than harmful.
The resource contains 4 main sections and lots of other information, you will have unlimited access to all 4 once you've registered online. Visit the OnePlusOne website here to get started:  Parent guide for England (

Click here to watch our One Plus One video guide:  Vimeo: One Plus One

Section One

Me, You and Baby too.

Becoming parents can
your relationship.
Tiredness and stress
associated with
parenthood can
lead to you and your
partner misunderstanding
each other.
This online course,
available for free to
parents on The Isle of
Wight, can help
improve communication
skills and manage
conflict better. 

Me, You and Baby Too
is packed with videos
and animations to help
couples navigate the
transition to parenthood.
Parents can access
it for free at:

  Parent guide for England

Section Two

Arguing Better.

If you want to understand
the impact of parental
arguments on children,
try this Arguing Better
online course.
Created by relationship
experts at OnePlusOne,
it’s available
free for families
on The Isle of Wight. 

Knowing how to
argue in a
constructive way
can make all the
difference to your
relationships. Learn more
with this online course
currently available
for free to
parents & carers:

  Parent guide for England

 Section Three

Getting it Right for Children

Separating can be difficult
for everyone involved.
Getting it Right for Children
helps parents develop
effective ways to
co-operate after

When parents separate,
it’s easy for children
to get caught in the middle
of their disagreements.
Getting it Right for Children
is a free, online course for
parents & carers
designed to help them
parent co-operatively
after parting:

Parent guide for England

Section Four

Debt and Relationships

Money troubles can be
one of the biggest
causes of relationship
The relationships experts
at OnePlusOne
have put together
this package offering
advice about what to do
if you or your partner
are in debt.
These animated real-life
stories talk about
the impact debt can have
on relationships
and explain why it’s good
to talk about problems
and seek help early
if you need it.

The cost of living crisis
may mean more families
are facing financial
The relationship experts
at OnePlusOne,
are offering families 
access to advice
about debt and
To find out more visit:

Parent guide for England

kid holding parents hands

Separating Better: the digital app for separating parents.

Are you a parent going through separation? Separating better is a brand-new app from the relationship experts at OnePlusOne, which can help guide you through the separation process, find effective ways of co-parenting, and sort out disagreements, all with the wellbeing of your child in mind.

Self-guided support: Expert emotional advice and practical information on childcare and financial arrangements.

Progress tracking: Easily monitor your journey and achievements as you navigate separation.

Emotional readiness quiz: Get a sense of where you are in your separation journey with our quiz.

Co-parenting tips: Stay organised and communicate effectively with your co-parent.

Start your journey today, Download the mobile app here

Contact us if  you need more information or guidance.

If you’d like to know more about conflict in families please go to Parental conflict | Barnardo's Family Space (


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