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The Parent and Infant Relationship (PAIR) team focuses on supporting and strengthening bonding and attachment in the First 1001 Days (pregnancy – age 2). The team works with babies and their parents, carers and primary caregivers including foster carers. To promote healthy relationships for all babies.  This is achieved through 1:1 and small group work using a range of approaches proven to be effective.

The first 1001 days, is a period of rapid growth when the foundations for future development are laid. During this time babies' growing brains are shaped by their experiences, particularly the relationships they have with their parents or caregivers. Supporting these relationships brings benefits for individuals, for society and are vitally important

There are many factors that can cause problems for early relationships, bonding and attachment. These can include but aren’t limited to a history of mental illness, social difficulties e.g. housing, a difficult birth or conception experience, and neurodivergence. Infant factors can also influence early attachment such as extreme crying,  severe sleep difficulties, feeding difficulties, developmental delay, or prematurity.

Not all families experiencing these factors will have relationship difficulties, but they do increase the risk of early problems, especially when a number of challenges affect a family at the same time.

If you are aware of a family that would benefit from further support around their relationship and bond with baby please download and complete the referral form

PAIR Team Referral Form

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Our Child Wellbeing Practitioners are mental health professionals who in addition to the PAIR service deliver evidence-based, low intensity (6-8 sessions) Cognitive Behavioural Programmes (CBT) to children and young people who are experiencing common low level mental health difficulties.

The programmes are specifically designed to provide early intervention to better address emerging mental health needs, such as worry and anxiety, panic and phobias and low mood. The Child Wellbeing Practitioner can also deliver programmes to support in managing sleep.

For children aged 12 and under the Child Wellbeing Practitioner works directly with the parent, for children/young people over 12 the Child Wellbeing Practitioner works directly with the young person.


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