Summary of Parenting Workshops & Courses

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Age range

Family Centre Based/Virtual Programmes

Pregnancy -6 months

Baby Incredible Years, 5 week evidence based programme for more vulnerable parents - focusing on supporting both vulnerable expectant parents & parents of a baby up to 6mths. Does NOT need to be a first time parent. Looking at bonding and attachment, nurturing, baby massage, communication & play, sleep and safety.

Baby Incredible Years Leaflet

Pregnancy to 6 weeks

Breastfeeding workshops (for parents pre birth or with new babies) are being offered as virtual classroom session. Bookings via Eventbrite Isle of Wight Family Centres Events | Eventbrite

0-6 months

Baby Five to Thrive (Non Targeted) – 5 weeks. Supporting first time or vulnerable parents in building healthy relationships with their babies. Looking at the five building blocks of Respond, Talk, Play, Cuddle (Baby massage) and Relax that will help develop baby’s brain and encourage them to reach their full potential. Bookings via Eventbrite Isle of Wight Family Centres Events | Eventbrite

Five to Thrive Leaflet

18 mths -3

Toddler Talk 1.5hr Workshop supporting children’s speech and language development.

This workshop is available to parents and carers of children aged 18m-2 years

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Toddler Talk Workshop

2–3 years

Language builders – A 4/5 week programme supporting language development in children with delayed speech. Activities to support attention and listening skills. Valuable whilst children wait for a referral to come through from the Speech and Language Therapists, however a referral does not need to be in place. The fifth week incorporates Bookstart – see below.

Language Builders for Toddlers

2–3 years

Bookstart (Non Targeted) – 90 minutes, helps promote the benefits of sharing books and how this can promote language development. Free gift of Books and resources to share with children.

9months –3 years

Building Blocks for Toddlers – a 5 week course that promotes positive relationships with young children through the following topics:-

  1. Play – stages of development
  2. Promoting language development
  3. The art of praise and encouragement
  4. Positive parenting strategies and managing behaviour
  5. Review of strategies via Zoom, or stay and play session
Building Blocks for Toddlers

3 – 4 years

Getting Ready for School Workshop (1.5 hours)

A Virtual interactive session to help the whole family to prepare and adjust to school life. Based on the Five to Thrive approach, along with the Ready Child, Ready Family and Ready School model

Can be booked via Eventbrite Isle of Wight Family Centres Events | Eventbrite

Getting Ready for school (4 week course) covering topics in more detail

Getting Ready for School Workshop

0-18 years

Healthy Balance / Weaning Workshops

90 minute workshops offering advice and guidance for healthy eating, nutrition & physical activity linked to Change4Life health messages

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Healthy Balance Workshop Leaflet

3 – 13 years

Family Links – 10 week Evidence based Nurturing Parenting programme which offers positive, practical ways of guiding and nurturing children so that they learn how to handle both their feelings and their behaviour.

  • Develop an understanding on child development
  • Empathy and praise within the family
  • Establish family rules, rewards and positive discipline
  • Personal power and self esteem
  • Staying safe around sex and online safety
  • Actively ignoring, problem solving and negotiating
  • A whole family approach around your journey
  Family Links Leaflet

0-18 years

Family Transitions – available from September

Family Transitions Triple P is a 5 week course, family intervention designed to be delivered to parents who are experiencing personal distress from separation or divorce, which is impacting on, or complicating, the task of parenting.

Session 1: Divorce - a family transition.

Session 2: Coping with emotions (1)

Session 3: Coping with emotions (2)

Session 4: Managing conflict

Session 5: Balancing work, family and play

Family Transitions

8-18 years

Who’s in Charge? Parenting Programme. This nine week group programme is for parents and carers who have a child aged 8-18 who currently appears to be beyond parental control or who uses violent and abusive behaviour towards them.

We recommend parents have completed Family Links, Teen Triple P, Cygnet or Parent Factor in the first instance

An eight week course, with a final review session after a two month period of implementing strategies within the home.

The course aims to:

  • Reduce parent’s feelings of isolation.
  • Challenge parent’s feelings of guilt.
  • Lessen deterministic thinking about causes - it is always multi-causal.
  • Reinforce belief in possibility of change
  • Clarify boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • Arm parents with some simple concepts that have proved empowering
  • Create meaningful and practical consequences for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Explore anger, both children’s and (often more usefully) parents’
  • Encourage assertiveness
  • Encourage self-care
  • Reinforce progress and provide emotional support
Who's In Charge

3–18 years

CYGNET (ASC Parenting Programme)– 6 weeks, evidence based parenting programme for parents of children with a diagnosis or going through the process of getting a diagnosis for children on the autistic spectrum. Covering Sensory, Communication, Understanding behaviour, Managing behaviour. Additional 1 x Siblings session and 2 x Puberty, sexual wellbeing and relationships.

Cygnet Zoom Delivery Leaflet

3–18 years

Parent Factor (ADHD parenting Programme) – for parents of children with ADHD. Pre or post diagnosis accepted direct from Paediatrician or  letter from GP/Paediatrician as evidence.

Course will help to - Develop a better understanding of ADHD, Identify positive parenting strategies, Develop skills to support their child’s emotional well-being.

Parent Factor Skills Building Leaflet

12-16 years

Teen Triple P - Currently offering self – led online package consists of 6 sessions. Face to Face offer from Autumn term if required.

The sessions explore the following themes which are vital to positive parent—teenage child relationships-

  • Effective parenting strategies
  • How to promote your child’s development
  • How to manage common teen behaviour problems
  • Principles to help you deal with almost any situation that might arise
Teen Triple P


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