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Your baby’s first year will be full of challenges and adventures, and no matter what stage you are at on that journey, we are here to help with advice, guidance and support.

The Welcome to the World programme is an 8-week face-to-face group for you as expectant parents. By attending the programme from approximately 24 weeks of pregnancy, you will gain knowledge in the topics of empathy and loving attentiveness, infant brain development, healthy eating choices, breast-feeding, infant care, managing stress and difficult feelings, promoting self-esteem and confidence, and the couple relationship, delivered in a relaxed, safe space using a range of activities, demonstrations and media to suit all types of learning styles.

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Week One:
Touching and talking to my baby in the womb

Week Two:
Loving Attentiveness: Bonding, Attachment and Brain Development, Nurturing my Baby’s Development & Growing Brain

Week Three: 
Empathy and the Four Constructs, A Celebration of Birth, Changes in Me and You

Week Four:
Personal Power, Self-esteem and Healthy Eating Choices

Week Five: 
Boundaries, Beliefs and Values, Babies need Security, Consistency and Boundaries, Helping my Baby Calm Him/Herself

Week Six:
Feelings and How We Communicate, Feelings and What We Do With Them, Communication between Adults and Adults & Babies

Week Seven: 
Family Life with a New Baby, Empathy for Adults

Week Eight:  
The Midwife–Labour Day, Breastfeeding my Baby

The programme focuses on the following areas:

  • Giving an opportunity to expectant parents to explore their roots, traditions, hopes and fears for the future
  • Developing strong communication between parents by sharing experiences and ideas
  • Increasing parent's reflective functioning and understanding of their baby: how he/she develops before and after birth, their physical and emotional needs, the importance of attunement, attachment and empathy
  • Increasing parents' understanding of their own emotional health and the need to nurture themselves to provide the best opportunities for the baby to grow and flourish
  • Enabling parents to think about their future as parents, a couple, a family
  • Increasing parents' understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding and the practical tasks of caring for a new baby

Outcomes For Parents & Children

  • Improving attunement and bonding
  • Improving parental wellbeing
  • Improving knowledge and skills in breastfeeding and practical care of babies
  • Parents reflect on their own values and their hopes and fears for the future and begin to understand the needs and intentions of their baby


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