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Being a parent or carer is really hard. Do you have a baby or toddler under 2 years old and are struggling with your bond and relationship? Our Parent and Infant Relationship (PAIR) team are here to  support you to strengthen your bond with baby or toddler and promote a healthy relationship.  The team works with babies and their parents, carers and primary caregivers including foster carers.  You  will be supported through 1 to 1 or small groups using a range of tried and tested approaches.

We know the first 1001 days from when baby is conceived to when they are 2, is really important for  babies' growing brains and  the most important thing is the connection they have with you.

We understand how life can be really challenging and can affect how you connect with your baby. You may have housing or financial problems, a difficult birth experience, have your own mental health challenges or be neurodivergent. Your baby may also cry a lot, be difficult to get to sleep, have problems with feeding, have been born early, be behind with their developmental milestones as examples,which also makes life difficult. These things don’t automatically mean your relationship with baby will be affected but when a number of things are happening at once it easily could.

If you feel you would benefit from further support around your relationship and bond with your baby please Contact Us if interested or speak with your health professional who will be able to refer you to the team.


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